What we do

business-networkingWe capture the great things your customers say about the service you provide and bring them to life with videos for websites.
We help businesses to attract more customers, improve sales performance and build their reputation in the market place.
We harness the persuasive power of customer testimonials, case studies to generate new leads and to resolve customer objections.
We shape the content and message of our videos to suit the needs of a target audience at each stage of the buying cycle.
We use our commercial skills and experience to integrate website videos into your selling and marketing activities in a measurable way.

We’re business orientated

We focus on delivering measurable results and have a strong business orientated approach. This is our USP because we have the ‘sharp end’ experience in both sales and marketing gained from blue-chip organisations and smaller innovative businesses.


Why not DIY video testimonials?

Yes of course you can, many people do but try it out before you make a decision. Do-it-yourself quality of online videos are viewable on many websites, they look DIY and reflect badly on the professionalism of the website and company. If you wish to experiment you’ll need the equipment, a decent HD camera, lighting and sound kit, which are all pretty good quality and affordable these days. Next you will need to get your customers lined up and agree the video purpose and content, which will take a fair chunk of time from your diary before you even start filming.

So you are now at the filming stage. You set up and at the same time welcome your customer and brief them. You may need help for this from one of your staff. The camera rolls and you double check all the camera settings and lighting. Once satisfied you ask questions about the customer’s experience of dealing with your company. You then move on to the editing stage, this will take a lot of care and time to get right, can you afford it? This stage is where your video clip can turn out to be ordinary or great.

Do-it-yourself is definitely an option but consider the factors you need to take into account.

Valuable time away from your working day to set up, film, edit and re format as well as looking after the customer during the process.
Filming and editing expertise that you probably don’t have.
Cost of photography equipment; our cameras, lighting and sound kit cost £000s
The bottom line – can you afford the time and money? can you afford to take the risk on quality of video? can you match video testimonials to your sales process?

How can Reputation Selling work when winning business is all about price ?

It probably won’t. If your go-to-market strategy is solely price-based, then Reputation Selling with video clip testimonials is of lower added-value. However, if your go-to-market strategy is based on value, complexity and promoting intangible benefits, then video-enabling will allow you to increase the added-value element of your service. Reputation Selling will enhance your service and make it even more tangible and desirable to potential customers. See the sales process page for more.

What if the customer does not want to be videoed?

This rarely happens but if it does you could try another way – use a reporting approach similar to what you would see on BBC TV News. So if you have selected a customer who has the right things to say but does not want to be interviewed we would use one of our team to act as a reporter quoting comments from the customer. Where possible we would show the service in action on the client’s premises to convey more information.